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Capsicum annuum
Family: Solanaceae

Pepper Canoncito

This is the only pepper we grow - early, vigorous and packing some heat, but not crazy. Start indoors from equinox to early April. Sow 6 mm (1/4 in) deep, tamp and water gently. Germinates at warm temperatures - a heat mat is helpful. Seedlings are sensitive to over watering. Harden off and transplant after risk of frost, and/or cover as needed. A genetically diverse landlace from New Mexico, we originally got this one from Frank Morton's Wild Garden Seed. This is our selection from early individuals. Some variation in size and heat, use green or red. The heat develops along with the seeds as the peppers mature. Use fresh, or let them slowly air dry and crush for chili flakes. Limited availability.

25 seeds